Last Minute hotel deals

“Save up to 70% on booking now!”, “Book now before time runs out!”. These are the kinds of
online ads we see when we are going frenzy looking for last minute hotel deals. Be it off
peak or at the peak of a season, hotels to be booked at the last minute always have a mania and
hassle attached to them. As the booking deadlines approach, the deals and discounts get interesting
and luring.

If you are a distressed last minute booker, you are surely to be lost in the world of discounts
and money off vouchers and savings that will pull you towards them. Some, on the
attraction of being a ‘super-saving’ discount, may have hidden costs that will be mentioned to you
of course but in such fine writing that you would obviously tend to miss it out. So be sure to check
everything before booking rooms in a hotel at the last minute.

Who offers these last minute hotel deals?

These last minute hotel deals are usually offered by online booking websites. Known as online
booking agents or e-agents, they have some booking quota of a number of hotels. That may depend
on what kind of business they have. Some may be limited within their city, some may be having
hotels located in multiple cities of a single country, some may be big enough to have some countries
even and some will be a giant enough to have several hotel booking contracts worldwide.

These e-agents typically have a search engine on their websites that can be made easy for all
bookers to search and book. Then they bring the searches according to other users’ ratings on the
experience of the hotel and destination with the highest ratings up first and then going down.

Payment for these last minute hotel deals are usually done electronically and before the stay, so that
there is a surety that person who has booked it will not back away at the last moment. But some
hotels offer free cancellations too which facilitates the visitor to cancel if any emergency has come
up or if plans have changed. Typically, credit cards are accepted as a mode of payment.

What types of deals are offered

Typically they have monetary discounts on the booking of a room (or more, depending on your
travel acquaintances). They range from a mere 25% to an escalating 85% on offers and discount
booking prices. Seldom do we get to see such bookings that offer something other than monetary
discounts. These kinds of offers are usually by the hotels themselves which they give to e-agents as
part to get rooms booked. These kinds of offers are usually complimentary breakfast, or free pickup
from airport etc. that make you very tempting in to buying the deal.

These kind of deals start getting more customised during the holiday season where it is a sure
guarantee that people can have last minute plans to travel abroad. So this makes it more interesting
for agents to tailor these needs into exciting deals.

Range of hotels that come in these deals

The hotels that are included in these deals range from apartment hotels to small one bed room
hotels. Small day and night inns and bed and breakfasts also have some last minute deals on them
during peak seasons and lavish 5-star hotels also have last minute hotel deals and discounts on their
rooms for those travelling on business, for families on holidays, for friends on a trip and for couples
on a honeymoon etc.

So, if your boss just impatiently orders you to finalise his travel and accommodation
arrangements for a one week stay in a foreign country, you will know where to look for booking! The
monetary discounts offered will surely impress your boss.

If you have an impromptu plan of getting together with friends on a road trip, you know where
to make your accommodation arrangements. The money saved will be good for you for more
shopping and sight-seeing.

If you eloped and got married, you know where to look for to go for a honeymoon on a couple
of days’ notice. The money saved from last minute hotel deals will be needed to pay for the lovely yacht or cruise that you both
travel in and enjoy.

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