Hotel Deals in London

London is the stunning capital of England and one of the most diverse cities in the world. Central
London isn’t that large itself but Greater London comprises of many towns and districts that span
a much wider area. London is a great tourist attraction and prides itself for the many places that it
has to see. Be it Big Ben or the Trafalgar Square, you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay here. Hotel
standards vary from a simple two-star hotel to a lavish 5-star hotel deals in London too.

Types of Hotel Deals in London

You will find all kinds of hotel deals in London. Be it a simple bed and breakfast in a small hostel or an
extravagant 5-star hotel with unlimited number of extra facilities. Some hotels are built giving an old
fashioned touch to them that makes you feel the heart and soul of London and the United Kingdom,
so are built with the feel of modernity showing a glimpse of the modern London and the hub of
cultural diversity that it has become.

An example of a place with an ‘olde England’ feel is The Dorchester that is situated at a very
classic location from where the Trafalgar square, London Eye, Westminster’s Abbey etc are very
close by. This is a high rated star hotel and it gives out special offers too! Other kinds of hotels are
those that give you a tailor made deal that could suit your needs.

Some places also offer special attractions for kids, so if you have children and are planning on
a great summer holiday or a Christmas holiday, then do tend to choose such a place to stay where
your little ones will remember for years to come. These places offer swimming classes, special shows
for the kids in their theatre and many other such entertaining features to give your kids the time of
their life.

The variety of hotel deals in London

All hotels keep announcing great discounts and deals to attract tourists to come down and stay
at their hotel. Hotel deals in London include a complimentary breakfast, a tour guide, and coupons to the latest
attraction (that may be the reason for the tourist coming to London) or simply a price discount.
Hotels that are beside great tourist attractions like the Westminster’s Abbey and the London eye
usually have more deals and discounts with them which make them quite affordable to stay while
being near to the tourist attractions.

Many hotels give discounts especially in the season when there is an event in the city, or when
there are holidays. The Phoenix hotel gives about 25%-35% discounts on a daily basis. It is situated in
Kensington from where the famous Hyde Park is just across the road.

Other than that, hotels near Victoria Garden and Westminster Abbey are London Hyde Park
Hotel and The Abbey Court that is not more than a 5 minute walk till Victoria Gardens. All these
hotels have discounts that range from 25% till an exciting 85% especially if there are last minute

Hotels that give discounts also have deal packages with them. These deal packages offer a
service of their hotel along with your stay with them. This may include a free breakfast, a free spa,
a visit to the hotel’s disco for a night etc. If you are visiting London for your honeymoon, then do
look out for hotels that specially make deals and packages for newly married couples. They ensure to
make your trip as romantic and memorable as possible by giving complimentary candlelight dinners
in their lovely restaurants for example or shopping coupons as gifts.

If you are visiting London with a group of your friends, then be on the look-out for such hotels
that offers you great discounts on the rooms and give out great shopping discounts in the shops in
their hotels as well.

If you are frequent visitor in terms of business, then hotels that offer free pickup from airport to
and from, or offer free transport during your stay in the hotel, or those that give out complimentary
internet to you. This is beneficial for all those of you who have to frequently travel and this could
prove to be really a money saver for you.

So, if you are visiting London for any purpose, do make your stay comfortable and affordable so
you can have a good time that is not heavy on your pocket thanks to hotel deals in London!

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