Dining, shopping and parking with Hotels in Chicago

Hotels in Chicago are a place where you would like to stay during your holiday to the stunning
city. With a little planning you can enjoy many of the facilities that are available in these hotels.
There’s no need to waste all your money in an expensive deal of night stay. There are many Chicago
hotel deals that give high discount rates for families. If you have planned to visit the city then
hundreds of options are available. Choose one of the best hotel deals and enjoy your plan.

You may also compare all the hotels through ratings and then select a good package of your
dreams. Many hotels in Chicago offer admission along with the stay at their place. They offer rooms,
free tickets to theatres, free breakfast and much more, which is why many tourists and travellers
head to Chicago every year.

Chicago hotel deals vary from parking special deals to the dining deals. One of the best deals
has one night stay in a luxurious environment, complimentary breakfast, free bears of your choice,
free lounge seating and travel facilities. Families visit Chicago during summer and want to enjoy with
their kids. They don’t want parking problems during their visit.

Hotels in Chicago shopping deals for families

Various packages for parking are seen in almost all types of hotels. Visitors who have already
reserved the hotel and did not reserve any parking deals, usually have to pay more. You can add-on
parking to your hotel bill before you arrive so that you always have somewhere to park your rental
car. Of course, you can book your hire car through the hotel so it’s there waiting for you after your
airport transfer.

Whether you are visiting Chicago to see parks, fields or hotels you will find everything in these
deals for hotels in Chicago for parking. They allow discount with in and out privileges in fewer dollars. Along
with a parking facility you can also stay for a night in a comfortable environment. Breakfast package
is also offered in most of the parking packages.

The shopping packages that hotels have on offer are appreciated by mainly women but there
are so many shops that cater for men too that it is a great idea. The deal offers you night stays with
free coupons to the famous shopping places. Hotel owners also provide you maps from which you
can choose an area where you want to shop. Exclusive shopping coupons to the world famous malls
have made these deals very popular.

Families really enjoy shopping and the children want to buy toys and clothes. These coupons
help you to shop with maximum discounts. Along with the entertainment you will get to eat good
food from famous places during your trip.

Best dining deals of Chicago hotels

Steak houses offer one of the mouth-watering deals of steaks. Many hotels also provide free
coupons and discount cards to eat steaks from these best steak houses. Twenty-four hour services
are well managed and there is much more in these deals. You can order fish, pasta, pizzas and
chickens if you do not want to eat steaks. Each deal comprises of three to four varieties of dishes.

You can also order soft drinks and beers separately. They are not usually included in the hotel
deals. Hotels that are near to shopping areas are often filled with visitors. Few hotels give a gift card
to their guests so they enjoy the dining facilities from famous restaurants. There are always some
dishes that are associated with that area. People enjoy special dishes of that particular area. Along
with these deals breakfast and dinner deals are also very popular in hotels in Chicago.

Breakfast packages and dinner deals are also booked in thousands of numbers on weekends.
Friends, families, couples and singles enjoy the cuisine and beers from Chicago hotel deals.
Breakfast deals also comprise of the best deals. Some Chicago hotel deals are particularly for
children. Children who are less than 12 years can eat free. Baby sittings, toys and books are also
provided during night stay for these children.

With these attractive deals, your stay in Chicago will become more fun and affordable.

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